Safflower Oil


Safflower Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Carthamus tinctorius botanical, a relative of the Sunflower. When you overheat cooking oil, it destroys beneficial compounds and creates harmful free radicals. Those free radicals can damage molecules in your body.

If you’re looking for a cooking oil that’s suitable for high heat, safflower oil may be the right choice for you. It has a higher smoke point than corn oil, canola oil, olive oil, sesame oil, and many other alternatives. It also has a neutral flavor, making it an ideal choice for many recipes. Safflower oil has high nutritive value and is known to be a heart-friendly oil.

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Benefits of Use

Keep Hair & Scalp Healthy

Boost Quality & Appearence Of Skin

Effective Remedy Against Obesity

Prevent Autherosclerosis & Stroke

Aids In Managing Diabetes

Prevent Arthritis & Asthma

regulate cholestrol level

decrease severity of presmentrual syndrome symptoms

Nutritional values

Energy 896 Kcal

Mono Unsaturated Fat 11.80 Gm

Poly Unsaturated Fat 67.30 Gm

Saturated Fat 7.91 Gm

Total Fat 99.57 Gm

Cabohydrate 46 Gm



Safflower Seeds

smoking Point

~ 450°F

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